Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Union Police Director Post & Traffic Ticket Quota

Union Twp Committee Meeting Dec. 23, 2008

Good evening every one my name is Dave Makkar and I live at 568 Ashwood Rd Springfield. Although I don’t live here but Union Twp creating a post of a Police Director for Political reasons rather under pressure from its Police union very much affects me and others who do not have a Police Director in their towns. In principal creation of this post is wrong when there is a Police Chief, Dy Chief and Town administrator in the town. NJ is a Banana Republic here for 8.5 mil people there are almost 600 Police Chiefs and 500 Dy Chiefs where as NY City for 8 mil residents has only 1 Police Chief and poster boy of corruption for US Media; India’s state Capital Delhi for 14.6 mil people also has only 1 Chief & 8 Dy Chiefs. That proves a Lieutenant can run Union under the supervision of State Police Chief rather than having a Chief & Dy Chief costing more than $½ mill. every year. By creating the post of a Police Director, Union will become a guiding force for other towns in how to create a job for political reasons as well as how to dilute over sight & accountability in already corrupt & over staffed Police departments.

Twp of Union like rest of NJ’s 565 towns is governed by unionized individuals joined together below the hips posing as Democrats, Republicans, Judges, Attorneys, Law enforcement officers and bureaucrats working for the benefit of big businesses and media to loot the common residents. NJ is the only state in the world where in 8,000 sq miles for 8.5 mil residents there are over 9,000 elected scoundrels and 400,000 employees supported by 80,000 licensed attorneys who have made NJ legally corrupt and racist.

The creation of unnecessary post of Police Director is also inter linked to the illegal Traffic Summons Quota practiced by Union PD initiated by Politicians and made legal by Union Municipal Court to raise revenue to feed the unionized Rulers of Union. I remember in Nov. 2007 there were Media Reports of big fight between the Town administrator Mr. Bradley & Union PD officers over the over sight by a non-law enforcement guy called Bradley.

On 11-27-07 a mob of ferocious looking guys wearing T-shirts with Remove Bradley written on them were occupying this entire Committee Room rather jamming the hall ways, stairs and spilling outside the town hall into its parking lot. When I enquired who they are? Some one told me these are Police Officers! This kind of ludicrous and unruly behavior by Police officers I never saw in my 40 years stay in India. First of all in India like Army, Navy, Air Force & Intelligence officers; Police officers can not have a Union. In NJ besides having an unethical union the Police officers can legally fund through their Unions the elections of those very legislators who are supposed to supervise them. It looks like in 1 year every thing has been worked out amicably between Politicians and Police Union; Union PD will keep on raising money for the Twp with its illegal Traffic summons Quota created by Politicians & legalized by Union Municipal Court and in return they will have a Police Director from their own kith and kin so that they can avoid oversight and accountability by civilian town adm. Mr. Bradley.

Union Twp Comm. Meeting
Dec. 23, 2008

Since Nov. 2007 I have been Complaining on the issue of illegal Traffic Summons Quota and Racial Profiling practiced by Union PD. The Mayor & Police Chief who were under obligation to get this matter investigated by AG office or at least by Union County Prosecutor’s office; preferred to do sham internal affair investigations with close cooperation of its Municipal Court who issued my arrest warrants for raising the issue of Traffic Ticket Quota & Racial Profiling.

I want to make it very clear to my fellow Americans; that as a victim of Racial profiling and gross injustice by Union twp, I have continued to fight against it not because of the money at issue but because of my desire to combat racial discrimination and gross injustice. I have preferred to suffer harassment of all kinds; emotional, physical, mental and financial for over a year than to full fill the wishes of morally & ethically corrupt unionized Rulers of Union by paying them $159 in fines.

If I was less committed to justice and if my belief in the U.S. constitution and in the U.S. Judicial System was a bit less strong, I would have long ago quit. However, by the grace of God I have not submitted to apathy or disillusionment. Despite Racial Profiling by Officer Cavallo, erroneous arrest warrants issued by Judge Waters, sham investigations by Union PD Chief Kraemer under Twp Committee, wrong doings by Prosecutor Wittenberg, Cassidy & Donovan and Judge Waters & Jeffery’s failure to protect my rights for discoveries and Judge Jeffery’s failure to apply Armstrong case related to Racial Profiling and his refusal to follow Municipal, State & Federal precedents, still I have continued to fight because of my strong belief in God and in the United States of America that all people are equal, whether they are brown or white and that justice does ultimately prevail.

I will not hesitate to knock the doors of US Federal Courts for Justice but right now I am knocking the doors of my fellow Americans for justice by appealing them; please join me in this fight against Racial Discrimination and gross injustice done every day in broad day light by the unionized rulers of Union and other towns of New Jersey with their illegal Traffic Tickets Quota system to raise revenue to feed the world’s largest battalion of morally and ethically corrupt elected politicians, municipal court Judges, Prosecutors, defendants, Police Chiefs and other employees etc. in 8,000 sq miles.

God Bless you all & Merry Christmas

Dave Makkar
568 Ashwood Rd
Springfield, NJ 07081
973 416 1600 D


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