Saturday, May 24, 2008

President of America has less rights than NJ Patrolman

May 23, 2008
Office of the Attorney General
P. O. Box 080
Trenton, NJ 08625-0080

Re: Traffic Summons Quota for Minorities in Union & Springfield, Summons #
UNN638639 & 637580, my complaint dated 12-03-07, 12-15-08 & 3-29-08

Hon. Anne Milgram:

It is very disturbing that your office has not taken any action in more than 5 months in the above referred matters. Union Twp & Administrative Offices of the Courts have conducted 2 sham investigations; Internal Affair investigation by Union PD and other by Union County Municipal Division Manager. Now the Court has told me on 5-19-08 that there will be a 3rd investigation by the Union County Prosecutor’s office. When it is an established precedent that Mayor of Towns are under obligation to request a State or Federal investigation on the mere suggestion of Racial Bias, why Union Mayor opted for sham investigations to cover up Racial Profiling, Selective Enforcement of Law, Racial Bias by Patrolman Cavallo and the illegal Traffic Summons Quota in the Twp of Union?

Every one in government knows that Internal Affair investigations conducted by Police departments in all the 566 Towns of NJ are a public eye wash and waste of Tax Payers money. For those who don’t understand, it may be very hi-tech non-partisan investigations but the fact is; it is an insult to New Jerseyans. What interest an officer has to nail his own colleague with whom he had a cup of coffee in the morning, shared lunch in the afternoon and probably going to wine & dine together in the evening? What interest Politicians of the same Town have to nail a Police officer belonging to Unionized NJ Police representing a big chunk of more than 325,000 voters; who can legally finance Election Campaigns of these Politicians thru their Union and lobbyist?

It took Union PD to complete the IA investigations almost 3 months and another 1 month to let the defendant know the known out come of their sham investigations. Now they are refusing to provide the copy of the same to the defendant when he has also participated in this investigation. It looks like they are holding Patrolman Cavallo who is accused of Racial Profiling, Selective Enforcement of Law and of making obscene gestures; above the President of America and treating their sham IA report more classified secret than highly classified famous and top secret Pentagon Papers. The defendant is pointing to United States vs. Richard Nixon, 418 U.S. 683 (1974) where a “generalized interest in confidentiality” by even the President of the United States was insufficient to prevail over the fundamental demands of due process of law in the fair administration of criminal justice. Then it is an established precedent that public release or publication denial is acceptable only in the most exceptional circumstances, not even the claims of threat to Millitary Security swayed the US Supreme Court in Landmark 1971 ruling that allowed the publication of the Top Secret Pentagon Papers.

In the above referred matters second sham investigation has already been completed by Municipal Division Manager of Union County and third is to be conducted by Union County Prosecutor. Union Municipal Division Manager Michael D’Ecclessis & County Prosecutor Theodore Romankov is important players of so called Home Rule (Elite Club Rule to save Rulers) both lack credibility and are racially biased. Mr. D’Ecclessis had failed to take any action against a racist Democrat Judge Steven Firsichbaum for allowing his Court Room to be used as Ethnic Party Room for eating & drinking by his community members, for allowing a Racist Cop Kahora to stop 5 & 9 year old children with her hand on the Gun and allowing his Racist crook attorney friend Keith Beibelberg to do all kinds of frauds to intimidate, discriminate, threaten, harass and torture a woman and her entire family from a minority Hindu community all under racial bias just to save a habitual traffic speed violator Steven Sobel from their community in Springfield.

Then Prosecutor Romankov had failed to take any actions against Springfield Democrats and its Police Department for violating the Freedom of Free Speech Rights and Racial Discrimination on the complaint of the Defendant in some other matters. Worst of all, he also failed to take any action against a racketeer Lunatic Zygmunt Wilf for doing wholesale permanent destruction to the environment by materially influencing or bribing Springfield & Union County Democrats and various officials including Superior Court Judges. This kind of massive permanent environmental destruction is not allowed in rest of the 49 state of America and even in most corrupt countries around the world.

Looking at all the above to maintain the sanctity of our Legal system; Defendant request an investigation by State Attorney General’s office in the matters of Racial Profiling, Selective Enforcement of Law and illegal Traffic Summons Quota in the Twp of Union and Springfield as well as the ongoing massive destruction to the environment done by a racketeer financier to Democrats Zygmunt Wilf in the Twp of Springfield. At the same time all pending requests of the Defendant for discoveries must be complied in full by Union Twp, its Municipal Court & Police Department and Municipal Division Manager.

Respectfully Submitted,

Devendra Makkar

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