Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Union Municipal Court request for Discoveries

April 28, 2008
Ms. Pat Nasta, Certified Court Administrator
Union Twp Municipal Court
981 Caldwell Ave.
Union, New Jersey 07081

Re: Summons # UNN638639 & UNN637580
Request for information under Discovery Rules

Dear Ms. Nasta:

Please provide the following information under Discovery Rules which I intend to use for my defense in the above referred court matters.

From July 1st to Dec. 31st, 2007

How many Arrest Warrants were issued against defendants under 39:4-81 for very first non appearance; especially when the defendant’s written request for adjournment is on record delivered in person to the Court staff.

How many Notices of Failure to Appear under 39:4-138G was issued despite Defendant being present in the Court for previous appearances.

Defendant wants to remind the Union Municipal Court that it is Defendant’s constitutional right to defend himself against a moving violation which he has not committed, against a parking violation in which he has been singled out because of his ethnic background both under Racial Bias. Then Patrolman Covallo has also violated defendants basic Right of Racial Equality by making obscene gestures to him.

Then this Court has denied the Defendant’s Recusal Motion of 1-22-08 despite defendant raising question of Prejudice and Racial Bias as well as no faith in the Home Rule system prevailing in all the Municipalities of New Jersey. Since the Defendant is raising the issue of Prejudice, Racial Bias and Racial Profiling he must be provided with the above discoveries as per the this request in timely fashion; so that effective defense can be prepared for the Trial on May 19, 2008 in above matters.

Thank you for your anticipated help.

Devendra Makkar

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