Friday, March 28, 2008

Sham Investigations by Municipal Div Manager under Home Rule

March 27, 2008

Superior Court of NJ, Union Vicinage
Municipal Division Manager
Union Court House
Elizabeth, New Jersey 07081

Re: Summons #UNN 638639 & 637580 & Your Letter dated 3-24-08

Dear Mr. D’Ecclessis:

I am not at all surprised with your response full of misrepresentations in the above referred matters. When you can not take any action against a communal, corrupt & incompetent municipal Judge Steven Firsichbaum of Springfield for allowing his court to be used as Ethnic Party Room for eating & drinking, false witnesses, non-existent fabricated evidences, woman cop Kahora stopping 5 & 9 yr old at gun point and a colored woman racially abused, coerced, intimidated and called con artist by the racist members of this judge’s community; then how I can expect any justice from you? For your information it is now almost 2 years that Springfield has yet to deliver Transcripts of that case and you were also notified about it but you prefer to take no actions.

As per your investigations/misrepresentations that I failed to appear in the Court on 12-3-07, where as the fact of the matter is I have filed for written adjournment till I am provided with discovery requests and clubbing of both summons (copy enclosed). This can also be verified from the transcript of the court for 1-22-08 in which Judge Waters was very apologetic on the issue of issuing my arrest warrants on 12-7-07. The same day without getting into the details I requested the Judge that I do not want to be prosecuted by Michael Witenberg another racist person who was involved with the Springfield matters and sarcastically told me in his chambers that he knows me from Springfield.

If you have really reviewed all the correspondence and attachments as you claim in your letter why you have not answered a simple question concerning Irvington Municipal court and my last 10 years experience with the Courts. For almost a decade I have never seen such a lightning speed of issuing Arrest Warrants that too in a small Traffic Matter on the very first non-appearance and getting it executed in less than a week. My experience is no judge issue arrest warrants on the very first non-appearance and no Police Department is willing to get the Arrest Warrants executed thru a different Town’s PD and in the case of Irvington PD not in their own Town also. I can tell you so many incidents where arrest warrants are pending for 2-3 years for serious check frauds. For your satisfaction in more recent incident arrest warrants issued on 7-16-07 for S2007-2020-22 by Irvington Municipal Court are still pending against Natasha Johnson who till last month was running 2 Child Care Centers in Irvington for writing bad checks.
Union County Municipal Division Manager
March 27, 2008 Page 2

In my case Arrest Warrants were issued under racial bias deliberately and knowingly that there is a written request with the Court for adjournment and clubbing of both the above referred matters. Above all I am raising the issue of Traffic Summons Quota in the Township of Union which may be primarily used for Colored and Minorities. Then I am also raising the question of no training to Union PD for Racial/Cultural Sensitivity for more than 5 years and the Patrolman Covallo who wrote both the summons have done it knowingly under racial bias and selective enforcement of Law.

Then your letter is totally silent on the issue of Notice of Failure to Appear issued against me on 1-22-08 with a threat of Arrest Warrants and demand to Pay $64.00 before 2-13-08? Where as the fact of the matter is I was present in the Court on 1-22-08 and Judge Waters told me that she will decide by 1-29-08 on the issue of her recusal. Till date I have not heard any thing from the Judge rather your letter is informing me that she has denied my Motion for her Recusal and my next Court appearance is 4-8-08 that too knowingly that I have not been provided with the discovery requests made to the Court on 11-29-07 without that no Fair Trial can be held because that is my constitutional right to have discoveries so that I can effectively prepare my defense.

All the above facts proves that all your reviews and response are based on imaginary or fabricated facts and misrepresentations. You still think I will get justice in the Union Municipal Court who has issued first my arrest Warrants then Notice of Failure to Appear and has yet to provide me with the discovery requests all under racial bias just to intimidate me, harass me mentally, emotionally, financially and physically?

Very truly yours,
Devendra Makkar

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