Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Internal Affair Investigations Insult to Public & Waste of Tax Payer Money


I reached Union PD 10.55 AM, had to wait 25 minutes. The Sgt showed up at 11.20 AM and the meeting lasted till 12.15 PM.

Initially Sgt refused to answer the attached questionnaire and told me, “that is not the way we conduct investigations. I am not going to answer your questions and you can refuse to answer mine.”

Dave: “I am not refusing any thing I just want to feel comfortable and want to know about the credibility of the officer conducting investigations. If you can answer these questions that will do it.”

Sgt.: I will not write any thing.

Dave: Ok I will write you can just answer.

Name of the investigator: Sgt. Elliott

Rank: Sgt.

Years with Union Police: 24 Years

How long known to Patrolman Cavallo: No Answer

Have you ever worked like joint patrolling with Patrolman Cavallo: No Answer

If yes when was the time you both worked together & for how many months: No answer.

When was the last time you have under gone Cultural Sensitivity Training: Can’t give a number or date, it has been a while. This particular officer (Covallo) never had any training; he is fairly new in the department since last 3 ½ years.

When was the last time you have under gone basic manners & etiquettes training: None

Will you confirm the existence of Traffic Summons Quota as confirmed by one of the Union PD officer: No, we don’t have any you know that it is illegal to have such a quota.

When I was leaving Sgt Elliott told me he also Park at the Unloading Zone by Union theater & Blue Ribbon Bakery and he knows it is illegal!

This is the same spot where I was given Summons under selective Enforcement of Law with my Blinkers on & my one foot was inside the Bakery entrance. Despite the fact 2 Cars were already parked for a long time & occupants’ one white couple & a man were eating breakfast inside Blue Ribbon Bakery. I went there to pick up a Pie kept for me.

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